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Nikah Registers launched by Ghause Azam Foundation

Ahmad Husain Alimi & Saghir Ahmad Deshwali

Nikah registers is launched by Hazrat Sayyad Muhammad Rafee’a Razvi Chishti Qaudri at the registered head office of Ghause Azam Foundation in the presence of Scholars, Sadaate Kiraams and Foundation’s members and donors by Ghause Azam Foundation.

The chief guest of programme, Hazrat Sayyad Muhammad Rafee’a Razvi Chishti Qaudri, after seeing this historical work of GAF, expressed happiness and prayed for all the members and donors in the court of Allah. Ghause Azam Foundation has allready won the hearts of people due to its works in very small time and now achieved a milestone by making appointing judge/qazis for Nikah. It is very good that GAF has decided, the income of Nikah will be spent in other works of Foundation, that is a historical decision while on the other places it is spent for personal use and own family.

The national president of Ghause Azam Foundation Hazrat Molana Mohammad Saifullah Khan Asdaquee Chishti Qaudri said, after becoming registered judge of Foundation, following some conditions of GAF is very necessary for offering Nikah, such as Nikah has to be offered according to Islamic Shariah (Law). Such any Nikah will not be offered that is against Islam and Indian Constitution. Nikah Of minor boys and girls, as well as Salfee (Badmazhab) whose faith is not according to Shariyah, will not be offered at all. Only Nikah of Ahle Sunnat will be offered. Also Asdaquee reported, to become registered judge of Foundation an oath letter, a stamp, a photo, and a certificate of Aalim/ Maolvi/ Mufti/ Hafiz or Qaari etc are very necessary to submit in the Registered head office of Ghause Azam Foundation, as well as to become Ahle Sunnat. After these all works, he will be given registered letter and allowed to perform Nikah.

Here is the Video from head office of GAF

On this historical occasion, besides the director of Ghause Azam Foundation Muhammad Khalid Saifullah, Qaazi Muhammad Ayaz Ahmad Razvi, Qaazi Muhammad Abdul Hameed Raza Azhari, Qaazi Amanurrahman Razvi, Qaazi Muhammad Ansar Raza Ashrafi, Qaazi Muhammad Usman Raza Ziyayi, Qaazi Muntazim Raza Alimi, national general secretary Mohammad Osama Saifullah, Shahadat Ali and the president of Raza Masjid Abdul Waheed, a large number of people were present.

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